Why do Beauty Brands need to Invest in Virtual Try-On?

It is a different experience when we walk into our favorite beauty store to shop for cosmetics. We feel so welcomed as the sales rep greeting you and asks what we are looking for. As we let them know, he brings in all different shades and textures you might feel right for yourself, and trying each of them one by one feels so pleasing.

It is definitely the old school style of shopping, which plain eCommerce websites couldn’t deliver to us. Ecommerce has offered us the convenience of shopping in the comfort of our homes, without stepping out of the walls, which is absolutely necessary for the new normal to keep ourselves from being infected by Covid-19. But, being a consumer, the offline shopping experience is something we majorly miss out on.

The emotional essence of standing in front of the trial mirror trying multiple products, be it a lipstick or an eyeshadow, gives the beauty consumers an intimate shopping experience with a brand or business.

The post-pandemic era for offline beauty buyers would be highly dangerous, from walking into a crowded store to trying the trial products which are accessed by many store-visitors. This is when the brands must realize the power of Augmented Reality in bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

Concept of Virtual Try-On

While the technology was already in existence for over a decade, the possibilities and capabilities came to trend after the market actually required a modern solution for the modern challenge.

The tech makes use of an ultra-modern face tracking algorithm to identify your facial structure and features to precisely apply virtual beauty products on them. It enables users to conveniently access the virtual try-on tool on your website or an app and lets them enjoy virtual trials with true-life results of your products.

Your consumers can conveniently have virtual access to any of your stores or products, anywhere and anytime. The consumers could virtually enjoy a similar shopping experience to the at-store experience.

Retail brands are highly adopting virtual try-on platforms to effectively engage their consumers with a smooth buying journey. Recently, Shopify released their new study that AR tools allowing customers to interact with products reported a 94% higher conversion rate in comparison with non-AR product interactions. From fashion to electronics, brands are leveling up AR-powered virtual try-on solutions to shoot up their digital sales via eCommerce and more. In fact, virtual beauty try-on is not just to equip your online shopping platform but also to ensure safety alongside engaging consumers as installable solutions for a better in-store consultation experience.

Reasons Why Brands Need to Upgrade with Virtual Try-On

It delivers an enormous Brand and Product Differentiation

This is the generation where brands are struggling for customer attention to thrive their brand in a competitive market. They are heavily investing in paid advertising which brings in minor results but couldn’t make much of a mark.

Leveraging augmented reality to power up your shopping platforms would help you stand out from all others, to target your audience successfully. AR integrates 3D models to help consumers interact with your products as they try them on virtually. Content, be it audio-visual or text, must be informative and entertaining to gage the customers with an engaging shopping experience.

To take a few steps ahead of the competitors, it is necessary to level up your digital shopping platforms according to the changing tech trends. AR is an emerging technology, with the extreme capability to renovate your brand’s digital footprints while engaging the buyers to boom sales.

It can efficiently Minimize Product Return Rate

Since eCommerce came into existence, online retailers always had a complaint about alarming returns. The customers could successfully shop online but were never so satisfied with the size, colors, and fit of the products delivered to them.

Cosmetics are highly sensitive products when it comes to shades, textures, finish, and the look it offers to different users. Each product gives a different result depending on the users’ skin. Virtual beauty try-on solution from BeautyAR is not just about seeing how a product looks on the user’s face but about the real-time results of how realistic they feel it on their device’s screen.

The risk of returns is all about losing the trust of the consumers. As a brand, we wish to deliver them a shopping experience worth their time and money. But if it turns to be a disappointment, they would most probably shop with your competitors rather than you.

It is backed by Artificial Intelligence to Make More Possible

Backed by AI and data collected from more than a million worldwide users, it could be more than just a virtual trial solution for you. The skin samples and other information collected from around the globe helps in accurate skin and texture mapping to power up your digital retail platform with product recommendations.

You could also pitch a combo of products that would deliver a specific look to rocket up sales. As you help your users save time, they could easily find the perfect products from your collection to look good for their special events and parties.

With a leveled up content management system, you could track your users’ buying journey, analyze their preferences, and manage engagement efficiently to keep your digital retail platform reinforced for the future.

Final Note

Have you ever heard of an investment that could save a bunch of expenses in the future?

A virtual try-on solution does the same for any beauty brand. Being a growing business, it is essential for any brand to keep up to the mark of consumers’ expectations. Meeting their demand according to their convenience gets easier as you leverage BeautyAR’s virtual makeup try-on powered by the latest beauty tech.

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