Virtual Try On |A Touchless Brand Experience Wooing Customers

While the world is trying its very best to cope up with the ‘new normal’, the potential of the beauty industry has changed for the better overnight. It has completely uplifted itself, changing the way we access it with the help of Virtual Try On technology. And technically speaking, it hasn’t changed overnight, the whole process of following the unprecedented pandemic’s protocols have brought in demand for new experiences for customers.

People all around the world are now looking for touch-free or contact-less solutions that while keeping up with their hygienic concerns, provides them with a shopping experience that navigates them through the beauty industry and enables them to make purchase decisions with utter confidence. The conventional swatching approach of customers is now taking a back seat, and the beauty sector is reinventing the experiences that they provide to their customers and how they discover beauty products.

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and Virtual Makeup technology has successfully discerned the customers’ wants and needs in no time. Moreover, the Virtual Try On technology has provided the brands with a sure-shot solution to deal with the lockdowns and restrictions of the pandemic. Picture your customers trying out various lipstick shades, foundations, eyeliners, and many more products from your product ranges, all at the comfort of their home.

With just a few clicks your customers can try out numerous products and select what suits them the most, all in a matter of seconds. This safer and sustainable option has been elevating the overall customer shopping approach for brands. Be it L’Oréal Paris, Estee Lauder, or Olay, there are quite a number of beauty brands that have embraced the Virtual Try On technology.

This innovative approach is the result of fear of contamination by way of touch. It’s an effective and straightforward way of shopping as customers only need a smartphone, tablet, or a PC to scan their face or upload their recent picture to get customized product suggestions. Let us get to know the benefits of Virtual Makeup Try On for brands and their customers.

Virtual Try On and its Benefits

The immersive try on technology is getting popular amongst the masses day by day. Moreover, the growing access to smartphones and computers has made the technology easily accessible and hugely beneficial for both, the customers and brands. It is a great opportunity for beauty brands all around the globe to connect with their customers up close and personal. Those brands that have optimized the Virtual Try On technology have made a significant rise in terms of their marketing and sales achievements.

This realistic and personalized shopping experience can be installed in a physical brick and mortar store, and can also be easily incorporated into an e-commerce website. Virtual Makeup Try On provides accurate product recommendations in real-time, which in return encourages upsales hugely. For brands, the Virtual Try On tool can also act as a useful information extraction tool. For instance, it can decipher and keep track of the buying habits of the customers. It can also ascertain the market trends.

It notably allows brands to reduce the return of goods and can turn out to be a major cost-saving approach. For customers, it becomes imperative to try a product before they buy. And the immersive try on tool can strengthen the buying decisions of customers by allowing them to actually see how a certain product would look on them before they buy it. Virtual Try On provides a more personal and better shopping experience to the customers and uplifts their chances to shop from the same brand again in future.

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