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The unprecedented pandemic has hugely accelerated the move towards online shopping. That said, the "new normal" has also put great pressure on the beauty brands to incorporate Virtual Makeup Try On on their websites to hold the attention of the users. Embedding the Augmented Reality Makeup Try On into your organization’s website provides you with an effective and compelling path to attract your customers.

Virtual Makeup Try Ons have started to become more and more popular in today’s society and why not, it is a sure-shot way to streamline the makeup shopping experience. Visiting a departmental store, scheduling an appointment with an artist at your favourite cosmetics brand’s kiosk to get your makeup professionally done is a part of a process that has been traditionally forwarded from our mothers for generations.

Trying on a particular makeup product before you actually decide to buy it facilitates the determination of the right products for your skin tone and lifestyle. However, this conventional shopping approach is gradually coming to an end with cosmetic brands implementing the all-new Virtual Makeup Try On Technology that lets you try on products with just a few mouse clicks.

It doesn’t end here, once you have applied the virtual makeup, you’ll be able to check if it suits you from various angles. If the current makeup lets you achieve your beauty goals, you keep it. But if it doesn’t, you can browse through a library of products to get that perfect foundation and eyeliner match that you crave and share your selfie on social media proudly.

Makeup AR technology is not only being capitalized by the departmental stores but nowadays beauty brands are rapidly optimizing the Virtual Makeup Try Ons in their E-Commerce websites"Boddess". The technology is turning out to be a game-changer for both the online shopping industry and the customers. Moreover, it has certainly drastically elevated the way we choose cosmetics products now.

From empowering the buyers to make efficient product decisions, Virtual Makeup also eradicates the hassle of trying different products and the nervousness of purchasing the product that they have already used. It also boosts the confidence of the buyers. In this blog, we will take into consideration some of the benefits of implementing Virtual Makeup Try On to the websites.

Eases Off The Difficulties For Customers

The first and foremost reason to embed the technology into your website is that it takes off the threshold of asking your customers to download a designated mobile application. As opposed to it, your customers can right away start trying your wide range of products using the Virtual Makeup Try On on your website. It provides your customers with a frictionless and real-time shopping experience which can give you a competitive advantage. While providing a straightforward experience to your customers, increases dwell time, gives you repeat visitors, and boosts your sales.

Accelerated And Enhanced Market Presence

Creating a Virtual Makeup Try On mobile application takes time. From developing an app to testing it, deploying it, and then maintaining it, the whole process is an arduous task and needs a certain time span. Whereas, the Augmented Reality Makeup eradicates the whole time sink. Just plug it into your existing website and provide your customers with a seamless and bespoke shopping experience.

In-depth Customer Research

Virtual Makeup Try On, when embedded in the website, gives you a substantial amount of high-value data about your customers and viewers which in return make you fine-tune your product library. The user-friendly interface purveys an analytics report that gives you in-depth research on your customers’ behaviour and preferences.

By dint of Virtual Makeup Try On, brands can identify and modify their product lines as per emerging fashion trends and market opportunities in order to maximize sales. All the data acquired through this approach will help brands understand how their consumers are interacting with their products. The marketing and development teams can set timelines and can further benefit from this data through determining future product launches and elevating market campaigns.

What’s The Upshot?

We are all aware of the fact that digital transformation is merely a new concept for the beauty sector. And Virtual Makeup Try On has immense capabilities for driving business success. While Makeup AR has been there in modern history, the unprecedented pandemic has boosted its overall presence.

The current challenging times of social distancing has significantly reinvented the way customers perceive beauty brands. And in a nutshell, Virtual Makeup embedded into the websites has successfully provided brands with the approach to meet customer expectations drastically.

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