Virtual Makeup: Clinch Your Beauty-Goals With AR

Technology furtherance is turning out to be the go-to option for almost every sphere now, and the beauty sector is in no way an exception. By dint of consistent innovation in interactive technologies, the beauty industry is drastically modifying itself lately. With artificial intelligence and machine learning prospering at a remarkable pace, augmented reality has come out as a very proficient and propitious tool to stimulate user engagement and match user expectations.

And as the viewers for beauty products are getting youthful, they are empowering a global movement towards virtual technologies that hinge on AI, as compared to the traditionally retroactive beauty domain. The arrival of Virtual Makeup Try-on has made it facile for beauty brands to hold on to their existing patrons, and ignite the curiosities of prospective customers.

While the impact of the unprecedented pandemic has left many brands to suffer critically, it has also emerged as a boost for brands that have incorporated advanced technologies. In this blog we will discuss the impactful Virtual Try On and what are the basics you need to know before you try this technology.

The Essence of Virtual Makeup Try On

As the name proposes, it’s a smart beauty solution that provides users a simple and affable way to try-on various beauty products. Users can either upload a picture of themselves or use the live camera feature in order to try various products in real-time without any commitment and at the comfort of their home. Virtual Makeup Try On provides you a significant in-store experience.

It helps you choose that perfect makeup combination that elevates your beauty goals. Modern-day customers assess outcomes in an objective way. Thus, they only lean towards those brands that offer them digital try-on to choose products without complications.

Virtual Try On: A Competitive Advantage

Virtual Makeup Try On provides your brand a competitive advantage over others. It helps your users to try-on hundreds of products from your line-up instantaneously and also, in no time. Allowing the customers to use products before they decide to buy them, gives them a certain level of confidence. This helps in empowering customer loyalty, which directly elevates the overall brand value.

While drastically expanding the brand engagement, Virtual Try On has even taken online sales to a whole new level. The technology solution has also boosted the average time spent by customers onsite. Moreover, a strong and customized user experience has led to an increase in the success metrics for makeup brands.

The Force Behind Virtual Makeup

Without thinking much about how a certain product will look on them, the Augmented Reality Technology has made it straightforward for customers to buy them. The technology allows users to apply and experience various makeup products virtually in seconds. With the help of an advanced face-tracking algorithm, beauty brands are able to accurately detect a user’s face in seconds.

And then, applies the chosen makeup effectively. The result of Virtual Makeup Try On is shown in real-time. Once the relevant lipstick shade is applied, the user can even move their face in multiple directions, and the shade will follow their lips. The instantaneous face-tracking technology plays a key role here.

Pointers Elevating Virtual Makeup Try On Experience

Virtual try on is a practical, yet digital experience. Whilst it’s infallible on the whole, here are a few pointers for the users to keep in mind while experiencing it:

  • Lighting’s A Differentiator: Users’ should plum for a well-lit space while trying virtual makeup to get the best possible results. Being seated near a window or in front of a lighting source will enhance the glow on your face. Whereas, if you sit in a room with dim lighting, your face will look grainy and the makeup won’t adjust well on it. The accurate placement of colors depends drastically on the light effect.
  • Go Au Naturel: It’s of vital importance for users’ to use the virtual makeup process bare face. Just like how it goes during an in-store process, if you leave trails of a pre-applied concealer or foundation on your face, the machine learning algorithm won’t precisely detect the metrics of your face. Thus, the ensuing appearance of the makeup will look fuzzy. Likewise, if you try a lipstick shade on your lips while the previous one is on, it will look shoddy and improper.

People’s perpetual interest in uplifting their beauty-game and the technological advancements in AR and AI shows clear-cut signs of progressive growth in the Virtual Makeup Try On trend. It was there in the modern-history as well, but the pandemic deemed it necessary for all brands. Nowadays there is cut-throat competition in the market, and it has become an arduous task for brands to keep up with customer expectations and engagement.

While aggrandizing the overall standard of a brand, implementing augmented reality technology also satisfies the prerequisite try-before-buy experience of customers. Innovation-powered AR is now the key to levitate above the competitive hierarchy in the beauty sector. And as it offers a problem-free interaction with customers, the Virtual Makeup tool turns every footfall into an increased customer.

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