Shaping the Beauty World for Future

Markets are taking an interesting turn after the coronavirus outbreak. Several industries understood the value of augmented reality and other advanced technologies, that would take their products or services straight to the customers’ devices.

The beauty industry is leveraging digital technologies like AR and Face AI (artificial intelligence), as the consumers are inclined towards online shopping. But the old school eCommerce formats are not reliable anymore, specifically in the beauty world.

Since the lockdowns have confined the beauty consumer within the doors, the physical mode of shopping from brick and mortar stores has gone down, but the demand for beauty products is still the same.

The line between digital and physical is blurry, are customers are availed with options to switch between various channels to shop according to their requirements and what they experience. With the post-pandemic “new normal” coming in, businesses have to turn towards the “new retail” powered by Augmented Reality and Face AI.

For the beauty industry, this tech-powered boon called virtual beauty try-on has been the ultimatum to reach their consumers effectively through smartphones. Let’s explore how AR fits in the beauty world and the ways it would be beneficial for the brands and businesses in the beauty industry.

Scope of Augmented Reality in the Beauty World

In a way, augmented reality works to blend the user’s real-time on-screen view with digital overlays to create a new experience. Cosmetics are all a matter of artificial additions to a human’s natural look, and that’s where AR connects the dots between online and offline.

The time is critical and people can’t just step out and visit the stores to purchase beauty products without trying!

Until November 2019, the beauty consumers had a routine of visiting stores, try on sample product, be it a lipstick, eye shadow, or nail color, to find it suits them well, and then purchase it accordingly. But then came the time where they need to maintain social distancing and regular sanitization, and all of a sudden, the sample products availed to them would be a matter of their safety.

Virtual makeup apps powered by augmented reality and Face AI allow buyers to visualize how the product looks on them with just their smartphone screen in front of them. This became possible as the tech-leaders came up with developments around facial recognition, computer vision, and feature tracking.

Global brands are adopting the advanced BeautyAR virtual makeup solutions for its hi-tech features and capabilities, to gauge the benefits of engagement and profitability. Let’s take a quick look at how the brands and businesses in the beauty industry are benefitting from AR makeup applications.

Benefits of AR Makeup Apps

AR is turning to be the cool kid on the block, but it’s not just the exciting buyer experience where the consumers could interact with the product adding value for the tech. There are severe factors that are driving current market trends and consumer preferences.

Catch Them When They’re Online

The consumers are getting Digi-savvy, as we witness Millenials and Gen Z being influenced and taking advice from social media regarding beauty and lifestyle. The era has changed from offline to online, where the consumers can leverage value more than just a product. Social media influencers help set an example for them to check whether the products go well with their style and looks.

Alongside, the virtual makeup try-on app is a perfect way to engage them. Giving your consumers a platform to try out the complete collections without stepping out of their doors would add convenience to their shopping experience. With them trying on a product and understand how it looks on them, it increases the likeliness of it being added to the cart and is expected to spend more on beauty products.

Give Them Personal Beauty Advice

Beauty brands can also leverage augmented reality to present the true results of their products when used by the buyers, after using it on their face or skin for a long period. With a skin diagnostic camera powered by artificial intelligence, BeautyAR lets the users analyze their skin with their smartphone to analyze their face skin texture and other features, to recommend products to help them recover from the skincare troubles.

The AR makeup solution lets brands showcase recommended products and their impact in a custom and effective way. It allows them to conveniently push the products to meet users’ requirements, to remarkably maximize the probability of sales.

Make the Best Use of Individual Data to Upsell

The more buyers use AR virtual makeup apps, the more would data would be collected on users across several parameters. Individual user data like skin type, skin tone, styles, preferences, and previous purchases are crucial points for a beauty business to leverage. Possessing knowledge of all these factors increases your ability to prompt the perfect products for the users, based on their usage history.

It can also help your brand directly introduce newly launched products and offers relevant to each user, to drive their purchase decisions based on their personal purchase choices.

Power Up with BeautyAR

Augmented reality makeup apps are bringing a virtual revolution to the beauty industry. Brands can empower themselves and their consumers with virtual beauty try-on apps, whereas businesses can ensure the safety of their buyers with contactless virtual makeup solutions at their stores.

Advanced virtual beauty solutions like touch-free in-store installations allow offline shoppers to safely try-on products virtually before they confidently move on to purchase them. Equip and upgrade your brand with Face AI-powered BeautyAR to give your consumers a smooth buying journey.

Level up with BeautyAR and lever let a user’s lipstick lag!

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