Live Nail Color

Virtual Nail Color

This is something that can turn anyone into a nail artist! Color your nails and design your own patterns, polish, and decorate with stylish nail decals. Virtual nail art lets you style your nails faster and quicker with no worries of nail polish remover.

Learn & Design

Virtual Nail Color presents you with a range of tools to do nail art. Learn by designing the model’s nails or an image of your own to start working on your nail art studio.

Single Touch Nail Art

One-touch nail art gives you instant sassy fingertips with stylish nail designs. With different shapes and lengths, you can try out new looks and styles. You can even adjust the tone of your skin to get a perfect click.

Vivid Styles & Colors

Creating detailed nail design is easy with VR Nail Art Try-On. With more than a hundred polish colors, styles, and finishes, any nail would get glamorous. Be it just a manicure or fashionable patterns, Virtual Nail Art got you covered with trendy styles and cute decals for unique designs.

Create Your Portfolio

Create new looks, and save them! Add each of your nail artwork to your portfolio within the tool.

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