How Augmented Reality Levels Up Your Beauty Brand?

The beauty world is highly competitive, and cosmetics are a matter of pleasing digitally before it does physically. People are depending on eCommerce for online shopping platforms that are delivering them an impressive experience. Beauty brands are no more expected to deliver just products as the consumers are getting tech-savvy and they need something more from the brands to make their products appealing and worth purchase.

Augmented Reality, being an interactive technology, is beautifying beauty brands with highly engaging virtual shopping experiences to catch the eyes of online buyers. AR is revolutionizing in-store customer engagement with techy virtual try-on mirrors and product consultation kiosks.

Let’s have a quick go through how Augmented Reality could upgrade your beauty brand.

Tech-Savvy Customers love Smarter Brands

Millennials have gone further with their makeup preferences. The styles and shades once made to the red carpet are no longer valid today. People are inclined towards discovering more shades of a product and to explore new styles your products would give them. People are more influenced by what’s trending on social media to relate before they decide.

Integrating augmented reality in marketing strategies complements with more convenience and higher user engagement. The brand and its products have to be showcased digitally, and letting customers know what suits them well with an AR-powered virtual try-on would add a bonus to your marketing strategies.

It’s all about the Experience

With brands running to grab a space in the customers’ shopping cart, they should realize just the quality of products is not just the only factor but the customer experience also the customer experience you deliver.

By giving a virtual try-on app for convenient remote product trials, consumers can engage themselves in finding and purchase the perfect product for them at the comfort of their home. With a contactless mirror or kiosk at your store, they could enjoy a touch-free try-on experience in this crucial time of social distancing.

Offering them such advanced tech-powered solutions, they could have an interactive shopping experience with your brand. They would feel your concern for their safety and you could realize their love for your brand!

Let them be comfortable in their skin

Technology is taking a leading place when it comes to delivering a quality customer experience. And, cosmetics are all about shades, textures, and the question of what suits one. Being a brand, it’s your responsibility to be there for all shades of your customers’ skin. Even if they know what’s the right color that suits their lips, you must also have perfect options aligned, rather than losing them.

That’s where Artificial Intelligence meets Augmented Reality, to make BeautyAR a perfect solution for a beauty brand with precise facial recognition. With millions of samples collected from around the globe, AI serves to help find and match the best colors and texture for one’s skin, with relevance to the occasion they need your products for.

Pitch them the matte nude lipstick with a sky blue eye shadow for their party and see them flaunting your brand at the party!

Keep it Real, Close the deal

Trying on an entire look, from contour to the lipstick, without actually having to do so is fun. But to keep it real is difficult, and it doesn’t even work when it’s close-to-real. With each of your customers coming to you for a product that suits them the most, it is hard to deliver them with a range of products in the same place. This gets much easier with augmented reality to help them virtually try-on different beauty products in real-time with a few taps on their smartphone.

Leaving behind the generation of smart salesmen interacting with customers to pitch different products, BeautyAR is replacing them to engage with an impressive experience, be it while shopping online or at a store. With hundreds of tests performed to make sure the virtual result of each product is realistic, it is evident to improve the customer’s overall shopping experience and also to maximize conversions for your brand.

Final Note

The beauty industry is like any other industry, influenced by innovations and trends, but more sensitive to the factors of the developments around. Being creative and updated is what a beauty brand could do to stay ahead in such a competitive market.

A tech like AR is certainly futuristic but has changed the game of brand marketing in the present. Tech like BeautyAR is definitely making options clear for the consumers. From your stores to their homes, the shopping game has been elevated for more convenience and fresh experience.

Upgrade your beauty brand game with AR-powered Virtual Makeup Try-On and in-store consultations to effectively engage your consumers and witness more conversions, lesser returns, and create a loyal community worldwide!

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