Beauty Tech Encouraging The Way How Brands Interact With Customers

The Beauty Industry is quite vast, considering its multiple products ranging from foundation to lipstick, to eyeliners, eye shadows, and much more. As different people have different skin metrics and skin tones, it becomes highly imperative to keep a watch on various factors before choosing a cosmetics product through Beauty Tech. Trying out new cosmetics products and techniques can be delightful and fun as it lets people experiment with different looks.

However, understanding and having certain knowledge about a particular product before actually applying it is very important considering the fact that it can directly take a toll on the user’s skin. Moreover, nowadays shoppers are gradually becoming tech-savvy with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) in the Beauty Tech world. With continuous advancements in the tech industry, it has become more and more visible to beauty brands to transform their functioning and provide their customers with an enhanced digital shopping experience

Albeit Beauty Tech has been there for over decades, it is only now that its market growth has been astonishing to a whole new level. Big beauty brands such as Maybelline and L'Oréal have been consistently adapting and increasing their investments in digital technologies to boost their customers’ enthusiasm. From providing a bespoke approach to the cosmetics industry, prime beauty brands have been embracing emerging technologies such as AI and AR.

And with the rise of the unprecedented pandemic, it has become clearer for us all to change ourselves and adopt a touch-free environment. Thus, the new restrictions have boosted and reinvented the cosmetics industry for the better. Also, E-commerce . has played an immense role in driving the growth of Beauty Tech in the world.

Artificial Intelligence Virtual Try On

Inch by inch we all are becoming hugely dependent on immersive technologies, and personal care is one such activity in our routine which is majorly impacted by this trend. And when we talk about Beauty Tech and its impacts on brands, AI has always been the driving force behind such a revolution. From assessing an individual’s skin and then recommending personalized treatment cosmetic products, there is no doubt in admitting that AI has immense untouched potential in this field.

A prime example proving the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence in Beauty Tech is Beauty AR AI Skin Analysis. Using Ai and Augmented Reality, it assesses the skin tone and skin metrics of users to recommend precise products that suit the individual’s skin drastically. Beauty AR’s Virtual Try On is successfully boosting the overall admiration for Brands and In Stores.

Augmented Reality Makeup Try On

Apart from the extensive impact of AI, brands are connecting with their customers by dint of AR Virtual Try On. From allowing customers to experiment with their looks virtually, to providing them with a delightful Beauty Tech shopping experience and significantly empowering their purchase decisions, the augmented reality technology is doing it all. Beauty AR Beauty has been one of the pioneers of this technology, democratizing the services worldwide. And now, world-leading beauty brands are boosting their sales and whatnot, through Beauty AR’s Makeup Try On.

Beauty Tech Data Enhancing Brands’ Presence

While AI and AR are taking the customers’ shopping experiences to another level, it is also hugely magnifying the brands’ presence in numerous ways. It makes sure brands get the relevant data & information regarding the consumers’ wants, and thus they can enable the suppliers to focus on specific consumer trends.

For instance, Charlotte Tilbury’s US expansion was thoroughly based on the consumer demand data they gathered about their products through E-commerce. The cosmetics industry has been swift in realizing and adapting the capabilities of Beauty Tech to encourage innovative ideas regarding their products.

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