AI Skin Analysis

Contemporary Skin Analysis By
Dint Of State-of-the-Art AI

AI Skin Analysis is a precise and subtle skin advisor which can be easily accessed by means of a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Through a machine learning algorithm, it discerns all kinds of taxing skin issues with real-time analysis and also, provides bespoke recommendations of relevant products. AI Skin Analysis works effectively with all skin sorts and ethnicities, elevating the users’ beauty-game.

Live Skin Diagnostic Camera Tool

Let your customers effortlessly analyze their skin with their smartphone, tablet, and PC camera, with no use of other tools. Artificial Intelligence-powered diagnostic tool makes use of deep learning technology to deliver consumers with skincare analysis and recommended products in real-time. Through real-time skin diagnostics; it detects 8 skincare metrics instantly and explicitly

What all are detected in the analysis?

  • Texture: From classifying various types of skin texture intensities to detecting rough surfaces across the skin, AI Skin Analysis examines users’ skin potentially.
  • Dark Circles: AI Skin Diagnostic is competent enough in grading all three types of dark circles. Namely, structural, pigmentation, and vascular.
  • Wrinkles: Through AI Machine Algorithm, the extremities of all the various wrinkles types such as jawline wrinkles, crow’s feet, forehead lines, etc., can be detected easily.
  • Spots: Spots areas are effectively detected through AI Skin Analysis. It also ascertains the ferocity and density of spots on the users’ skin.
  • Oiliness: AI Skin Analysis accurately detects which areas of the skin are facing excessive sebaceous glands sebum.
  • Redness: From determining the intensity and density of redness areas, AI even detects multiple redness area conditions such as dermatitis, rosacea, and sunburn.
  • Acne: Various acne perturbs such as blackheads, inflammatory breakouts, and PIH can be accurately determined through AI Skin Analysis.
  • Moisture: Dehydrated skin can be easily detected through AI Skin Diagnostic. From rough skin to fine lines, and to dullness and irritation on the skin, it detects them all.

Real-World Applications for Skin Consultation

Recommend your users suitable products based on personalized skin analysis and questions. Let your users track their timely skincare efficacy depending on their routine and see the improving results, as your products benefit them.

How AI Skin Analysis Boosting E-Commerce

Virtual skin analysis can be accessed through the website following product suggestions instantaneously on your website or through an app. With just a few keyboard clicks users’ can experience full AI Skin Diagnostic in no time. A straightforward, smooth, and effective encounter with your customers will turn them into successful buyers in no time.

A Made-to-Order AI Skin Diagnostic Experience

An in-store skin analysis solution elevates the overall customer experience. Custom-built recommendations enhance the brand image profoundly. It also boosts customer engagement and turns a prospective user into a loyal customer. Connecting with users in an exceptional yet easy way and meeting the expectations is the key to a sales swell.

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