AI Product Recommendation

AI Product Recommendation Tool for Skincare

AI Product Recommendation is an innovative tool that analyzes high-quality skincare data in order to provide relevant product suggestions. This highly effective B2B SaaS Solution analyzes the customers' skin and purveys the data to brands for providing them with a better understanding of their clients.

Personalized Product Recommendation

Based on the topnotch Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology, the tool has been trained on thousands of faces and skin images. Thus, it efficiently evaluates a wide range of skin health and skin metrics aspects and then recommends the best suitable product to the users. The product recommendations are ascertained with high precision formed on the basis of cutting-edge image analysis technology and the user's lifestyle.

Engage with Your Customers and Boost Sales

The appropriate skincare products recommended build loyalty and take customer engagement to a whole new level. The avant-garde technology enhances the users' shopping experiences with an immersive digital feature which when added to the e-commerce platform can boost the overall brand presence.

Add It on Your Brand Website

Incorporating the AI Product Recommendation tool on the brands' website will improve the visitors' average time, their connection with the brand, and will pave the way for an unmatchable shopping experience that in return will be a great sales boost. The incorporated platform will analyze multiple skin health issues and beauty metrics that can be used to gather information about customers and also, can be utilized for creating comprehensive reports.

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